Options for diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases: recent advances in technology

Dr. Montero said that the study focuses on a single training institute and a unique and complex laparoscopic procedures, although the same surgeons at Carolinas Medical Center have reached similar conclusions when analyzing other complex laparoscopic procedures such bowel resection and paraesophageal repair, but the discovery of the results as safe for the academic year later than the first, can not be applied to any complicated surgeries or any surgery training centers. Continue reading

Every Breath You Take …… New monitor can know in advance Vital cardiac arrest

Counter respiR8 feet breath is being developed by a small team of scientists in medical research and development based in Surrey called Anaxsys technology and is now marketed in hospitals in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Holland, Germany and Spain. The device, which operates on the simple principle to measure the water in a breath of patients, was developed through an initial grant of the Technology Strategy Board support of the government. He recently received the CE mark – European conformity and compliance standards, which now opens the way for the company to develop its market in Europe and further develop as a business, because it sets eyes on Japan by the end of the year and the United States next year. Continue reading

3SBio announced the conversion of bonds Isotechnika

3SBio also presented a report with Canadian regulators with additional information . Continue reading

Overexpression of regulatory genes Spurs Development of leukemia in children with Down syndrome

Further testing of these cells suggests that overexpression of miR-125 b-2 spurs leukemia by silencing two genes: one for the removal of the tumor, and another for the production of other regulatory microRNAs. Continue reading

Hundreds of genes that can distinguish patients survive advanced melanoma

The prognosis is worse when the tumor extends generally deep into the skin. In Phase III, melanoma generally spread beyond the skin to the lymph nodes draining the tumor, and survival rate at five years starts dipping below 69 %. Continue reading

Male sex hormones in the ovaries essential for female fertility

Female mice without androgen receptors in ovarian granulosa cells had premature ovarian failure, which means you have stopped ovulating too early, and were sub-fertile, meaning they had abnormal ovulation cycles, do not ovulate eggs in control mice, and litter size was smaller. These mice also had fewer follicles that completed development and were ready to ovulate, but many of their follicles did not progress beyond the pre-development stages and died before ovulation may occur. Continue reading

Baby Teeth Cavities on the rise

The report shows that about 28 percent of American children aged 2-5 have cavities in baby teeth. This represents an increase of about 24 percent for almost a decade ago. Continue reading

The divorce of parents linked to suicidal thoughts

Explanations of why men are more negatively affected by parental divorce are many. However, researchers believe it could be due to the absence of close contact with a father that can occur after a divorce. Previous studies have linked the loss of his father-figures with adverse outcomes of development in boys. Continue reading

Report: Vermont has been the healthiest

Vermont was also a leader in 2007. During the past years, states have the largest improvement in general health score is in Arkansas, New Mexico, Kentucky, Texas and Montana showed no improvement. Continue reading

Study examines the variability of the sex appeal of men indices

Monitoring and remember the emotions of a partner can play a role in the initiation and maintenance of a serious relationship romantic, said lead author Teresa Treat, a psychologist in Liberal Arts and Science College IU. Likewise, misremembering a woman’s level of sexual interest could prompt some men to make sexual advances and frustrated when a woman does not respond as expected. Continue reading

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